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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 18, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> they can use us as guinea pigs if they want! [ laughter ] >> if for testing! your top stories, weather and traffic here on wbz. >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. right now at 5:00, an 8-year-old girl left home alone escapes a house fire, the dts investigation now underway this morning. the cape cod clerk held up by an armed robber speaking exclusively to wbz as the fbi reveals that suspect wanted for robbery up and down the east coast. >> backlash from the chipotle norovirus outbreak in boston, the first lawsuit filed against the restaurant. boston. this is wbz "this morning". good morning to you, 5:00, i'm chris mckinnon. >> and i'm bree sison filling in december 18. 17? 18? >> 18. i saw it. >> it is friday.
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>> it is friday! [ laughter ] >> so i was hoping it was still the 17th, give me one day to get ready for this, pamela. >> yes, i'm a little behind. [ laughter ] well, time's ticking. so get to it, here! >> get to the internet, bree. >> and if you're planning on going shopping this weekend, blustery conditions hopefully getting you more in the mood for this season, it will feel much colder, temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees colder. for this morning, starting off mild, we have some low visibility because of dense fog that have settled in to the region, one mile or less in boston, half a mile or less in p town, nantucket or half a mile or less, we'll keep you posted on that information. satellite radar picture will show no heavy rain, there are showers still to our south and this low pressure system will track up the coastline giving an additional amount of rain,
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the lunch hour, 60 degrees ha high temperature drive home 44 degrees setting us up for a bit of a cooldown in saturday and sunday, how cool we will get, coming up in a few minute in the forecast, traffic and weather together, robi. >> no major problems yet, i'm happy to say, here's a look at the expressway in dorchester, moderate volume to heavy, it's moving, no slowdowns reported in the major routes from the south. lots of green as we would expect for this hour, 93 southbound getting busy in andover and medford but no backups, route three south look good, 128 south and 495, they are trouble free. bree and chris. a child left home alone escapes a fire when her house catches on fire, the 8-year-old is okay. >> but this morning, the department of children and families is involves, nicole jacobs is live in milton with this investigation, nicole? >> reporter: bree, more than 12
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crews are still here on the scene, you can see they set up lights, as they continue to man the scene here, the headline, the 8-year-old little girl is okay after a fire broke out yesterday afternoon, i want to get you right to some video from the scene yesterday, fire crews right now believe the fire began on the first floor in the kitchen area. there was a resident above, that resident as well as the 8-year-old little girl were able to make it out of the home okay. here's what firefighters tell us was going on with the mother, we're told that mother was at the grocery store at the time of this fire, and when crews arrived, we're told neighbors were actually comforting that little girl. this home we're told is a total loss this morning, i can tell you one firefighter did suffer a minor shoulder injury, but aside from that, everyone did make it out okay, the department of
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immediately to this case because that little girl was left at home, they right now are also investigating. we're live in milton, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning ". >> nicole, it thank you very much. 5:04, police in brewster helped police catch an armed serial robber wanted by the fbi. officers arrested michael sletzinger in hoeltd -- holding up the convenience store, he was wanted in connection with more than a dozen armed robberies up and down the east coast over the past month, the family that owns that convenience store spoke exclusively with wbz. >> he's like, my mind, everything, scared to death. >> after he was arrested, he felt like, you know, everything is fine now. >> sletzinger's family has a home in harwich, police found stolen guns as well as the baseball hats he wore while committing the crimes.
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determine the future of the who's on first bar in fenway park, a 29-year-old man was shot and killed just outside that bar on thanksgiving day, the bar's owner has appeared before the city's licensing board at least eight times to talk about city safety concerns. city records show there have been assaults, stabbings and shootings both in and outside the bar over the years. this morning an arrest in connection with the terror attack in san bernardino, california. the fbi arrested enrique marquez, a friend and neighbor of one of the shooters. he's charged with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists. a firearms violation and immigration fraud. investigators say he and syed farook planned but abandoned several terrorist plots including an attack on a community college and a freeway shooting. today, president obama will travel to san bernardino to meet with the victims' families and the survivor of the shooting. yesterday, the president met
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he then tried to reassure americans there is no credible threat of an attack during the holidays. >> at this moment, our intelligent and counterterrorism professionals do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland. that said, we have to be vigilant. >> and disneyworld in florida is boosting security amid terror concerns, adding metal detectors at the park's entrance. universal and seaworld in florida also scanning visitors, disney banning toy guns in its park as well. campaign 2016, republican presidential candidate ben carson canceling a trip to israel and africa over security concerns, supposed to visit nigeria, zambia and kenya at the end of the month and head to israel before the iowa caucuses. donald trump picking up a new fan, vladimir putin, saying the presidential hopeful is
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personality, trump has said he'd work with putin to improve u.s. russian relations saying the two would get along very well. and a big set back for bernie sanders, his campaign accessed hillary clinton's confidential voter information, a software error, now suspending the sand erz -- -- sanders campaign from accessing its database, and that's needed nationwide, they fired the staffer and called the behavior unacceptable. meanwhile, gearing up for the debate, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malleywill face up tomorrow in manchester, new hampshire. and some breaking news from the vatican, officials say pope francis frances just approved the miracle needed to make mother teresa a saint. a woman's prayers to mother
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out a coma. it's possible the pope will cannonize her during a holy year of mercy which takes place during the first week in september. a mother is suing chipotle because of the norovirus outbreak in cleveland circle, her son was one 53 people who got sick, the attorney representing her family says the restaurant needs to be put under a microscope so it doesn't happen again. chipotle doesn't answer on pending legislation, but generally speaking, it says it is our aim to work with customers to see that these issue are resolved. that restaurant remains closed. the city of boston is raising the age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21. the change takes effect in february, boston joins 85 other communities in massachusetts that have increased the age for buying tobacco product.
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considering a similar proposal. [ star wars music ] the wait is over, after years of anticipation and months of hype, a movie shrouded in secrecy finally opens, and fans tloked to areas across the country and in boston. >> funny when a movie makes your a block of a newscast, now with some spoiler free reaction to the action, right louisa moller? >> reporter: no spoilers, bree and chris. it may not look like the city of boston is entirely awake, but the force has awakened, check this out, out of this world, and the fans say it didn't disappoint. >> it was amazing, exactly what a movie should be. >> reporter: for months it felt far, far away, but aspiring jedis stormed in to theaters for
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become its own force in american sin -- cinematic culture. >> this was exactly what i would expect from the quality of the "star wars" trilogy. >> reporter: "star wars: the force awakens ". >> calling to you. >> absolutely awesome. i would see it 1,000 time more after this. >> you've got to see it. >> reporter: when a cast of original character that had about 350 fans in revere spending lightyears in the theater yesterday, showing up at 3:00 a.m. to watch "star wars" in order, culminating in episode seven. >> i don't remember a time without "star wars" in my life. >> reporter: and since the very first episode in 1977, the "star wars" brand has delighted millions and grossed billions in profit, you may like the new effects. >> blown every expectation i've had away. >> reporter: but you can still watch it with your father.
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>> reporter: did you like that? that was me, channeling my inner darth vader and thankfully, not my inner chewbacca. but anyway, obviously, a fantastic experience, whether you're a fan or not, it was expected, estimated to gross hundreds of millions of dollars last night, and i'm pretty sure it's only going to go up from there. just wait till saturday. we're live here in boston, louisa moller, wbz "this morning" back to you and may the force be with you. [ laughter ] >> fantastic! >> she needs, next time, louisa, you need to practice the darth vader breathing. >> yeah, get that going. >> reporter: [ indiscernible ] >> appreciate it! [ laughter ] the zuckerberg family getting on the "star wars" hysteria, sending out the picture of baby max as a jedi, he captioned it, the force is strong with this one. eye. she's just, she's channeling.
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i'm not big on this brown jacket, dad! [ laughter ] time is running out to do your holiday shopping. >> why this season hasn't been quite as bright for local retailers. this is jon keller, calling him the most hated man m america -- in america, but plenty of competition for that title, how honors. and a decent start to the day, mild temperatures and all that heavy rain has moved out at the bus stop, you won't need the umbrella but after school you might want one, a jacket would be ideal, temperatures right around 60 degrees and eventually will return to winter when up in your forecast. every cup as unique as you. always fresh with that signature smooth tast we take pride in every cup, but only one is your coffee, your dunkin'.
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on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m.,
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or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. all right, this is how we do winter. [ laughter ] >> this is how we do it. >> mass d.o.t. rolling out the heavy equipment for the show case before the big stuff. >> you've got to show the stuff off, right now the state is stocked with over 380,000 tons of salt along with 750,000 gallons of liquid de-icer, mass-dot has more than 4,000 pieces of equipment at the ready for winter's worst. pamela, it's kind of funny to see them having all of that nearby, you know, when there's not a hint of, of,um, you know, accumulation anywhere in sight. >> i know, so far, we're saving some money here. we're going to stockpile all
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several weeks because there's no snow in the forecast. at least for quite some time. temperatures stay way too warm and we have multiple rain chances going this to, actually, the christmas holiday, i'll show you the seven day and extended forecast in a second. we have some beneficial rain yesterday, thank goodness, we did accumulate anywhere from a quarter of an inch to half an inch, boston picked up, half an inch, and the same deal for the cape. visibility now reduced because of some of that rain that has fallen and temperatures rather mild. we have low visibility from boston to marshfield, light fog developed these number continue to change throughout the morning, we'll keep you posted, nantucket, those locations, visibility half a mile or less. satellite radar picture will show a few showers well off the coast here, well to the southeast of the cape and islands. for the rest of us, overcast conditions, areas of drizzle, few sprinkles but we have a chance for an isolated shower or
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parts of the state, in the hour by hour forecast, the rain pushes in, spotty showers for this afternoon, but once you get farther inland, sunny skies expected, 4:00 p.m. still dealing with lingering showers in the cape, through 7:00 as well, we're all dry after midnight tonight, that's for sure. saturday a.m., frosty conditions and there's a chance for some flurries, especially in the higher elevations all throughout saturday evening too. which is great for the ski country. i know, ski resorts, it hasn't been ideal. but thank flirks -- thankfully, we'll see snowflakes and temperatures colder, temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s, hour by hour forecast boston will stay in the 40s and 50s throughout the duration, 10:00 reaching 50 degrees once again, 11:00 a.m. still holding 50 degrees high today, low 50s, upper 40s in all locations. overnight tonight, thanks to the mostly clear sky we expect, temperatures will fall to right
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farther to the north and west as well. overnight lows, therefore, especially if you head to the north here, will be much colder, cold enough to make this snow, in the mountains. ski forecast, here's saturday, 32 degrees for the high temperature, windy as well, sunday 31 degrees. looking ahead to christmas eve, 62 degrees, for the day, with christmas eve night, few showers, and 60 degrees, here's that seven day forecast. day by day here, this weekend, saturday 39 degree, sunday 40, monday, back to 41 and that is our first official day of winter! so the weather, unfortunately, has not put us in the holiday season, but hopefully, this school visit video will. jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! [ laughter ] eric fisher visited charter middle school, they got to talk about weather, maybe the winter
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they're in dorchester, this is a school visit yesterday. now, robi. you think eric had to break the news to them that there's going to be no white christmas? >> i think so, probably. we're not very popular when we don't forecast snow. but the rest of the winter, no one wants the snow. >> but santa will have to take the beard down four inches and do the tank top and get rid of the mittens. just one problem out there, accident north of the city, the crash is up in andover, 93 southbound at 495, the scene is actually on the ramp to 495 south off of 93 south, we're not hearing of any lane closure up there, and there's no back ups because of the early hour. chris and bree? >> all right, robi thank you very much. the ceo of a drug company who jacked up the cost of a life saving drug by 5,000% arrested on security fraud charges and
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martin shkreli has been dugged -- dubbed the most hated man in america >> and our jon keller explains why that title is fitting. >> reporter: good morning. it's not a title anyone would aspire to, but his hike to babies and a.i.d.s. patients, public preening and online trolling and his alleged operation of a ponzi scheme, martin shkreli arrested on a multiple fraud indictment has emerged as arguably the most despicable greet head. it's not easy becoming a global poster boy for greed, there's plenty of competition. bragging was one thing. at a torum, he was asked, if you could rewind the clock a few months, would you do anything his smirking answer? i probably would've raised the
5:20 am
it higher and made more profits for my share holders which is my primary duty, end quote. but yesterday's indictments show his commitment to the investors was part of the scam. at that same forum he said, quoted again, this is a capitalist society, a capitalist system and capitalist rules. and my investors expect me to maximize profits, not to minimize them or go half. turns out he bilked his investors instead and that to his smug indifference to suffering, narcissim and complete immorality and you have the blueprint for champion level hatefulness. tell me via twitter at @kelleratlarge. it's the final shopping weekend before christmas but some people are having a hard time getting in the holiday spirit. >> check out the
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near quincy market, tough to think about buying hats and scarf while wearing shorts! our unseasonably warm winter seems to be keeping people out the bottom line. >> really a third of all sales are impulse buys if you're not in the store in the first place, you know, because you're not in the mood to shop, you're not going to make those impulse buys, those may be sales you never recover. >> the retailers association president hurst says there was a 6% hike in sales but instead only a little more than 1%. >> at least they're up, you know? >> yeah, got to look on the bright side of things. >> and i'm more willing to go shopping when it's not frigid. >> as long as it's not raining. >> right. >> the tough part, you get the bags, they get wet, they break, no good. up next, the pats ready to take on the titans. >> and still dealing with so many injuries, how gronk is dealing with the pressure to
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the bruins and the celtics both in action tonight. >> plus taking on the titans, steve burton has more in our sports. >> the tennessee titans with 3-10 and tied with the worst record in the league, don't teal tell that to the patriots,
5:23 am
the season, brady was out on the practice field, mccourty and feeney were not, it's hard to see what much of a difference when gronk make in the line up, asked if he feels pressured being so important to the team. >> um, i mean, i don't really focus or listen to stuff like that. just, really just trying to get better as a player in the week, just focusing on the team we got to play that week and just kind of do whatever is best for the team that week. >> be sure to check out patriots all access here on wbz, one-on-one with jamal beshear, pats and titans check off at 1:00 here on wbz, the after game show on my tv 38. cavaliers and thunder in cleveland, scary moment, lebron james trying to save the ball stand. turns out to be it's pro golfer jason day's wife, ellie harvey. she was taken out on a
5:24 am
the tnt broadcast crew said she was alert. the set -- celtics take on the hawks tonight, that's it for me. and a robber captured in cape cod. >> what they found in his home. plus, one local school canceling all its dances, the
5:25 am
right now at 5:30, an 8-year-old girl left home alone escaping a house fire, dcfs investigating. and wanted by the fbi in a string of similar robberies, how police were able to track this man down. and local schools canceling dances why one principal says they've gotten out of hand. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning". >> hi, welcome back and happy friday, i'm bree sison in for kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon, thanks for being here with us, december 18 if you didn't know
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day, we've got to get to pamela quickly, bree's got to get over there and do some shopping. [ laughter ] she is, yeah. >> 45 seconds from now! >> it's going to be a warm one, for christmas, talking 60s. yeah, good start to the day for shopping, temperatures are mild, and actually, we have areas of fog, no heavy rain falling on boston, here's a look at the commons, our photojournalist on scene showing us the christmas lights, 'tis the season. and we will start to feel more like the season, once we get in to this weekend, taunton, 48 degrees boston visibility low in some locations, light fog around boston but where the fog is dense the outer cape here to chatham, our friends in nantucket, the connecticut river valley dealing with fog, the satellite radar picture shows no heavy rain just overcast sky but
5:27 am
our southwest, those showers push in during the hour by hour forecast by this afternoon. primarily in southeastern massachusetts, notice temperatures, they will be in the upper 40s, low 50s falling back in the mid and low 40s by 6:00 p.m., farther inland, once again to worcester county, you'll see more peaks of sunshine later today. and colder temperatures on the way, a look at that weekend forecast in just a bit. traffic and weather together, robi. keeping an active eye, the crash in andover, 93 southbound at 495, the accident scene on the ramp to 495 south, now a 133. check the south real quick, getting heavy between 127 and the split, braintree to boston, major routes trouble free. checking our top stories on your friday morning an 8-year-old girl left home alone in milton escapes unharmed after
5:28 am
right now the department of children and families is investigating, you can see the flames shooting from the home on hudson street there, the girl firefighters arrived investigators say the girl's mother left her daughter home, while she ran to the store. and brewster police say tips from the public helped them catch the suspected armed robber, wanted in connection with a dozen crimes up and down the east coast. they say this surveillance video shows michael sletzinger robbing the brewster farms convenience store earlier this week, police say they found stolen guns as well as the hat he wore during the crime at his family's home in harwich. a warning for women in littleton, a man approached a teen walking a dog and according to police, the 19-year-old was approached by a man in a small white suv. officers say the man followed the girl back to her home and knocked on her door. police are investigating, but say there have been no other incidents at this point. an independent audit of the boston public schools is set to
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prove to be controversial. the globe reports the audit will save -- say the district could say millions by closing schools less than 68% fool -- full and by firing some teachers, moving students to better schools and the money saved could go towards support services. a judge says the catholic school broke the law when it pulled the job offer they made to a gay man, matthew baret say he was offered a job at a job m milton, when he listed his husband as his emergency contact, it was pulled, there will be another hearing to decide what damages he can receive. exeter school officials say starting right now, all school dances cancelled the principal says the dancing is getting too provocative and he's seen too many students doing drugs so he cancelled all dances at school for the foreseeable future. >> this is not a couple kids we
5:30 am
don't come to distance. dance. this is hundreds of kids. this could put a crimp on student activities which get money from the proceeds, not apply to prom held off the school ground. ash carter said he made a mistake when he used personal e-mail to do government business, he says he alone is to blame, carter admits he used the personal account for several months but the messages never contained classified information, he occasionally used his phone to send work messages. >> even that, i shouldn't have been doing. and when i realized that, i stopped. but this is, i, i, i have to hold myself to absolutely strict standards in terms of, um, cyber security and doing things that are appropriate, i didn't in this case, it's a mistake and, it it's entirely my own. >> carter admits he kept using his personal e-mail even after
5:31 am
for using her personal e-mail as secretary of state. the army sergeant accused of walking off base in afghanistan back in 2009 will be arranged december 22 at fort bragg, sergeant bowe bergdahl facing desertion charges and leaving six soldiers, fellow troops died when he went missing, releasing him after five detainees held in the u.s.. a special sendoff for a retiring pilot making his final departure out of logan airport. >> this is a traditional water canon salute, the plane travels right through them. >> i didn't know they did that. >> and for inaugural flights too, the first route, pretty cool. >> very cool, enjoyable. still ahead, the product tailor made for every netflix addict. >> the invention that will change the way you binge watch your favorite shows.
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far away, but "star wars: the force awakens" premiere is here, i'm louisa moller with fan reaction to the effects and the original cast members. time to take a look at the weather watcher reports, temperatures in the 40s or 50s in some spots, 51 degrees under an overcast sky and reporting fog, mild with a southwest wind, that fog will dissipate and we have a chance for a few showers for some, i'll pinpoint who can see the rain coming up in your forecast. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able
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presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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blowing away the competition. >> i was just going to say, i'm not opposed to impulse buys on amazon. plus, gatorade changing its recipe, hanna daniels with new york's stock exchange, good morning. >> gatorade planning to introduce an organic version of the neon colored sports drink next year, gatorade not commenting on what ingredient it will replace but coming after consumer interest. think about the gifts you bought this holiday season, any of them come from amazon? 39% of all money spent by americans online is spent at amazon, that's more than the 20 e-commerce sellers online, they came in at 39 % and 22% of other sales came from other sellers. if you're planning a netflix marathon this holiday season, here's something to keep you warm.
5:35 am
it yourself project on their website for netflix socks. the socks detect when you've started snoozing and send a signal to your tv automatically pausing your show. chris and bree? [ laughter ] i got excited because it says pi not noir. >> you should've heard her screaming, she was pumped about those pinot noir socks. >> i hear the excitement in her voice. >> the wino in us. [ laughter ] thank you. the top stories on this friday morning, a hearing to determine the future of a fenway bar, why a recent shooting is stirring safety concerns. >> reporter: an 8-year-old girl is left home alone and a fire breaks out, where the mother was when it all started. courtside seats to the nba are expensive because fan want
5:36 am
but one fan probably wishes she was in the balcony after lebron james steam rolled her last night. does the league need to push back the seats? we want to know what you think -- it's our daily talker.
5:37 am
check this out, a special display lighting up the boston public library, one of a kind
5:38 am
side of the iconic building. >> flat out amazing. the theme is 12 days of christmas, called the lights of boston, see it here on the dartmouth street side of the library, putting the christmas wreath to shame. >> [ indiscernible ] >> you got it all. partridge in a pear tree. right? good morning, pamela. >> more warmth on the way, by christmas eve, during the day 62 degrees at night falling to 60 degrees the big question is the timing of rain, tracking a storm around christmas, temperatures just too warm to deal with any snow, but it looks like we will be timing in some rain for you. we'll keep you posted throughout the weekend and in to next week. for now, no heavy rain falling, we have visibility, well, some of those numbers are pretty low at times, as visibility numbers continue to change this morning,
5:39 am
three quarters of a mile to half a mile or less in p-town, five miles or less in boston, nothing too thick around the boston area, overcaped skies in the satellite and radar picture, rain, rain tracks up the coastline, giving us another chance for a couple of showers, primarily along the eastern half of massachusetts and southeastern areas here. noon hour by hour, you see the spotty showers developing just to the south of boston, boston will be the cut off, anyone where you'll have the biggest chance for the rain, farther to the north and west, partly sunny skies, not a bad forecast, not a bad way to wrap up the work week here, and heading in to this weekend, we have clear skies overnight tonight and a chance for flurries, temperatures really take a dive, it will be a frosty start to saturday, and the more winter like forecast for you. as we anticipate some flurries to fall and even some isolated snow showers up in the higher elevations to the north. temperatures starting off very
5:40 am
hour forecast will go back to 50 degrees by 10:00, by noon, and then holding around 50 degrees for highs in all locations here, a low to mid 50s once you get farther to the southeast but a chance for rain when you get in those locations. lows tonight back around the 32 degree mark, the freezing mark, we expect the widespread frost to go in to your saturday morning. saturday afternoon, not much of a warm up. 39 degrees, really feeling like the season here, the average high this time of year should be 40 degrees, we'll be right around it, at least a really blustery as the wind gust up to 25 miles per hour at times, from the west on saturday, sunday breezy, not quite as windy and a high of 40 degrees for the patriots game at gillette stadium, 42 degrees kickoff time 1:00 p.m., looking dry but you'll want the extra layers and hand warmers in the 1st quarter dipping to 47 degrees. here's the sunday, temperatures will go up the next couple days, sunday 39, 40, first day of
5:41 am
to the 50s and spring like temperatures for christmas eve, 62. traffic and weather together, robi? pamela, an accident north of the city and a slowdown starting to appear to the south as well, the crash in andover, 93 southbound on the ramp to 495 south, a back up now in 93 south between 495 and 133. checking the south with a live look over the expressway, the expressway northbound now bumper to bumper between furnace brook and the south bay mall, 128 southbound hangs out between 37 and the split, route 3 north looks sluggish between burg and parkway in the split. chris and bree? 5:48, the force awakens and "star wars" fans couldn't be happier. and department of families looking in to a house fire in milton, here are your top stories this friday morning. >> reporter: good morning, i'm nicole jacobs live in milton where the the department of children and families is investigating after an 8-year-old little girl was left home alone, and that's when a
5:42 am
we'll get you right to some video from overnight, again, dcf is investigating, we've learned the fire began on the first floor kitchen area of this building, the police chief says the little girl ran out of the home to the comfort of neighbors, all of this while we're told her mother was at the grocery store, back here live, you can see firefighters remain on the scene more than 12 hours after the blaze, the good news here everyone did make it out okay, of course, they're still investigating this situation, we'll continue to keep you updated on any new developments. live in milton, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning". and this morning, a special hearing could determine the future of the who's on first bar near fenway park. on thanksgiving morning a 29-year-old man was shot and killed outside that bar, the globe reports since 2001, the bar's owner has appeared before the city's licensing board at least eight times to talk about public safety concerns, city records show there have been assaults, stabbings, and
5:43 am
the bar over the years. gillette is suing the online razor store dollar shave club, the lawsuit says dollar shave is using some of gillette's permission, razor blade subscription service sending customers four to five new blades every month. just cue me. >> our louisa moller is outside of the lowe's theater at boston common, technical difficulties, but don't miss her report at 6:00, the "star wars" fans who saw the movie are pumped, reaction with louisa and a lot of fun with her story, 6:05. >> we promise, no spoilers. now for our daily talker, nba fans willing to pay a lot of
5:44 am
personal with lebron james. >> one fan might be hoping her seats were in the balcony after a collision. >> adding extra netting around the field to protect fan from foul balls, now there may be a call for the nba to do more to prevent injuries to fans after their biggest star travelled in the seats slam dunking a woman, king james chasing down a loose ball when he barrels right in the front row, he absolutely levels the young woman, knocking over her chair, his whole 6'8'' 250 pound frame landing on top of her, she's ellie day, the wife of pro golfer jason day, the game had to be stopped for several minutes, she was carried out on a stretcher, hospitalized overnight for observation. as for the seats, too close to the court, lebron james says it's a fan experience, the type of thing doesn't happen much, the cavs coach says he's worried
5:45 am
powers that be need to decide. here's lebron's tweet, ellie day, i hope you're doing okay, my apologies, hope you guys come back soon, love lj. yeah, not sitting courtside, i'm guessing. to check out the reactions, marie says sitting courtside is basically sitting on the court. choosing those seats puts you in the position of possibly getting hit. if you have concerns with safety, don't sit there. now, there's a number of ways to comment, our website, twitter or facebook would love to hear from you, going to read more comments coming up at 6:00. >> all right, robi, thank you very much. still to come, looking back at the week's biggest stories. >> the rewind button for the week that was straight ahead here on wbz "this morning".
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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some good news for the pats to some unseasonably warm weather and everything in between. >> lots to cover, a look back at the week to was.
5:48 am
clinched the playoff run. >> you are an inspiration. >> hundreds have paid tribute to our special needs really a special field. >> you made santa cry! >> yesterday -- i was on my back porch. several people are recovering after a wall collapsed, trapping them underneath. philip chism was found guilty of murder for colleen ritzer. >> having a fearful tone. >> there are grown ups waving around, women in their 30s wearing "star wars" onesies. >> where did 2016 go? >> please co-- do not repeat this, it's on you. >> exactly what i look like when i go for a run. [ laughter ] oh, i joke, i joke. >> you work hard too. so, a lot of fun, a lot of play
5:49 am
>> keep it right here on wbz "this morning" your top stories
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["the first noel" plays] from all of us at sanderson farms, we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy hanukkah.
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